Carbon Energized® Unisex Onderhemd Lange Mouwen

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ENERGIZE YOUR RIDE WITH THE NEW CARBON ENERGIZED BASE LAYER! The ground breaking technology in this all new line of base layers from Verge Sport´s Italian partners, Carbon Energized, blends POLYPROPYLENE DRYARN® with ENERGIZED CARBON®, in a proprietary technology resulting in the highest level of PERFORMANCE, THERMAL EFFICIENCY AND FUNCTIONALITY. The properties of the Carbon Energized fibers makes this garment hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and anti- mold preventing unwanted odor during and after use.  There is no other more advanced base layer on the market. Made of 85% POLYPROPYLENE DRYARN®, 10% Elastan and 5% CARBON ENERGIZED fabric Tight fitting for great comfort.


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